Japanese Kani Salad

photo 5

Spicy Crab / Kani Salad

I love Kani salad- it was my favorite thing when I used to work at a Japanese restaurant. Since then I have learned to make my own version at home.

To Watch the Full Tutorial CLICK HERE

photo 4

For this recipe I used:

Crab stick

Chopped Scallions

Chopped Pickled Ginger


Chopped Cabbage

Japanese Mayo

Sriracha Sauce

Soy Sauce

Oyster Sauce

Sesame Seeds

Watch Video Tutorial Below for Assembly:

CLICK HERE for Kani Salad Tutorial Video

Place on top of Sushi Rice or Make your own sushi roll using this Kani salad recipe!

To make Sushi Rice– Sushi Rice Tutorial CLICK HERE


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